Shepherd removes the risk of buying and selling online. We make sure the seller gets their money and the buyer gets their item. Money is safely held in a trust account administered by Standard Bank. VISA and MASTERCARDS accepted from all major banks. Shepherd is registered with PASA as a payment provider. Watch our video for more info.

We understand the risk of online classifieds!

From dodgy sellers to just plain weird buyers, dealing with someone you don’t know is a scary business. We realise it’s always risky to walk around with cash and meet some stranger on some street corner just because you really want that IPhone he advertised online. That is why Shepherd arranges both online payment and delivery for you, so you don’t need to carry around cash or meet a stranger anymore! So whether the seller is in your own hometown or in another city, Shepherd can help you conclude your transaction hassle free!

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How Shepherd works

Buyer and Seller agree
on a price

Shepherd agree

Buyer pays Shepherd

Shepherd pays

Shepherd sends courier to Seller for collection

Shepherd courier

Buyer inspects item
once arrived

Shepherd inspect

Shepherd releases money to seller when accepted

Shepherd release
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  • Shepherd agree

    Buyer and Seller agree on a price

  • Shepherd pays

    Buyer pays Shepherd

  • Shepherd courier

    Shepherd sends courier to Seller for collection

  • Shepherd inspect

    Buyer inspects item once arrived

  • Shepherd release

    Shepherd release money to seller when accepted

"I live in Cape Town and was browsing online classifieds looking for a phone, but the only phone I liked was up in Joburg. So I contacted the guy and told him that I want the phone but prefer paying him through Shepherd. He agreed and the couriers delivered my phone to my office two days later!"
-Sara Clarkson, 24

Benefits of Shepherd

Whether you want to take cash, scammers, or personal contact out of the online classified experience, Shepherd is there to step in for you! Shepherd is an online escrow service specifically designed for the South African market. We have teamed up with Standard bank to offer a unique cash free solution to users of online classified sites. We use independent couriers that are registered with the Financial Services Board of South Africa to ensure that the parcel is delivered swiftly and reliably to the correct recipient. This means that you don’t have to wait for EFT payments, or organise a safe meeting place anymore.