Shepherd is for everyone who pays or gets paid

Frequently Asked Questions

Our philosophy here at Shepherd is KISS. KISS for Keep it Simple, Stupid. Because our system is designed to be simple and easy to use, you should not have too many questions. But here are the most Frequently Asked Questions in any case.

What are the benefits for the buyer?

You don’t need to draw wads of cash and take the risk of walking around with it in your pocket.

You don’t have to meet some stranger somewhere on a street corner.

Can I inspect the item?

When the courier driver arrives, you have a couple of minutes to open the parcel and inspect the item before you sign for it.

As this is an “As is” sale, you are not allowed to take the item and test it overnight. So you either take it or you don’t.

It is up to the courier driver to decide how much time you get to inspect the item. So be nice to him!

If you’re not happy, please wrap the item properly again for return to the seller.

Can anyone else accept and sign on my behalf for the delivery?

Nope. You wouldn’t want your girlfriend to sign for a cellphone when it was actually a Sony Playstation that you bought, now would you?


Can foreigners with a passport use the service?

Currently? No, not yet. But pretty soon.

Why do you want my bank account details if I’m only buying?

Trust me, once you’ve seen how well our service works, you will pretty soon be selling on here too. Also it helps when a refund is required!

What if the parcel/item is damaged during shipping?

Please take pictures of the damage and e-mail it to us at We would really want to know about it so we can have a long hard talk with our couriers. Please re-pack properly and return to the seller so he can claim from his insurance.

How do I track my parcel?

Go to and type in the waybill number.

Can I pay with Zim dollars…?

Unfortunately we don’t accept other currencies than the South African Rand.

How many accounts can I open on Shepherd?

Now why would you want to register more than one account…?

What payment methods can I use?

Credit cards and Cheque cards.

When and where does the courier deliver?

The courier delivers during business hours only, so make sure you give the correct delivery address, and make sure you’re there when he delivers.

What are the costs for me as a buyer?

They say change is good, so Shepherd listened! Our new website flow lets the buyers pay for the shipping as part of the total cost of the transaction.

No more confusing calculations or debates on who’s going to pay for the shipping! The buyer wants it, so the buyer pays for it! You can check out our cheap, flat-rate shipping costs on our website with our shipping calculator!

Note that if the buyer wants to send the parcel back for some reason, the costs are covered by Shepherd! This is just our way of showing that we are in it with you.

Can I EFT the money?

EFT is only available for certain types of transaction where the seller has initiated a transaction with parcel dimensions.

Can I still use Shepherd if I don't have a Standard Bank account?

Yes! All holders of South African bank accounts can transact using Shepherd.