Our system is designed to be simple and easy

How it works

Check out the simple steps below.


Buyer and Seller Agree on a Price

A Buyer and Seller (or Supplier) agree on a price. The buyer then clicks on the “Make Payment” button. An SA ID number is NOT REQUIRED for the buyer but it is required for the seller. The buyer proceeds to pay for the item as well as the courier fees if delivery was selected. Payment can be made by card or EFT from any participating bank. Shepherd is listed as a company beneficiary with all major South African banks which makes it easy and much more secure. The transaction is then shared with the seller’s cell number or e-mail address.


Secret Key

The buyer will receive a “Secret Key” or pin code by sms if delivery was not selected. This key should be kept until delivery or completion of the service have taken place.

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Seller receives a link

The Seller will receive a notification that we’ve received payment as well as a link via SMS or e-mail. A transaction reference number will also be included, the validity of which can be confirmed by contacting us if needs be. The seller will go through 4 steps to accept the transaction. We will have to verify the identity of the seller against his SA ID number and cell number. If we can’t verify his identity, we will ask for a copy of an ID to be uploaded.


Shepherd Sends Courier to Seller for Collection (Optional)

After the seller accepted the transaction, an automated waybill will be created if delivery was selected. The courier collects during office hours and gets the parcel on its way to the buyer. If delivery was not selected because payment was for services like Plumbing or Building or if the buyer and seller decided to use their own delivery method

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Buyer Inspects Goods / Job once completed or delivered

On delivery or completion, the buyer should check that everything is in order. This is a “Voetstoots” transaction which means that it’s either Yes or No and should happen immediately upon delivery or completion. The buyer then either signs the courier waybill (if Shepherd Delivery was selected) or gives his Secret Key to the Seller which will confirm that payment should proceed.


Shepherd Releases Money to Seller When Accepted

If accepted, Shepherd releases the reserved payment to the seller - minus our transaction fees. If rejected, the buyer or Shepherd courier simply returns it to the seller and the buyer’s money is refunded after the seller received the item back in the original condition. Cancellation fees will be charged to the buyer.

Easy hey? Right! Now that you know how it works you can put it to the test!

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