How It Works

Check out the five simple steps below:


Step 1: Buyer and Seller Agree on a Price

A buyer and a seller start e-mailing each other on an online classifieds site. They agree on a price and would like to trade secure using Shepherd. The seller kick starts the process by logging into Shepherd. The buyer is notified via e-mail and sent a unique transaction number.

Step 2: Buyer Pays Shepherd

The buyer logs in and finds the item using the unique transaction number. The buyer pays the agreed amount (including our cheap as chips courier fees) and Shepherd keeps the money safe and secure. A notification is sent to the seller to tell him that the buyer’s payment has been reserved. The seller logs in, prints the waybill and waits for collection.


Step 3: Shepherd Sends Courier to Seller for Collection

The courier collects during office hours and gets the parcel on its way to the buyer.

Step 4: Buyer Inspects Goods Once Arrived

On delivery, the buyer opens the parcel and checks the item. She accepts or rejects it.


Step 5: Shepherd Releases Money to Seller When Accepted

If accepted, Shepherd releases the reserved payment to the seller - minus our miniscule fees. If rejected, the courier simply returns it to the seller and the buyer’s reserved payment is refunded in full. Terms & Conditions apply.

Easy hey? Right! Now that you know how it works you can put it to the test. Please login below: