Start taking Online Card Payments in Minutes!!

Do you have a Small Business?

With Shepherd Small Business you can:

Create Pay Buttons for your Website

With the Shepherd Small Business solution you can create pay buttons quickly and easily for your products without needing a merchant account with your bank. No credit checks required, no payment gateway integration required.

Share your Product on Facebook

By clicking on the Facebook share button, your product can be shared on any of your Facebook pages. If someone clicks on the ad they’ll be taken through an online payment process automatically.

E-mail a Pay Button with your invoice to customers

Already creating your invoices in Excel or Sage / Pastel? No problem! Simply send your own invoice as an attachment to your customer by clicking on the Send Invoice button. Your customer will then receive your invoice as well as a pay button with which he can pay you.

Despatch Courier deliveries fully automatically (Optional)

You can select if you want to use our courier solution which is fully automated. All you need to do is tick a box! The courier waybill is created automatically so there’s no need for you to fill in any forms. The couriers will simply come and collect from you and deliver directly to your customer! Another headache is gone!

Seller and Buyer Protection

Shepherd is the easy way of building trust with your customer. Buyers and sellers are both protected and we always ensure you get your money and the buyer gets his product or service.

Lower Fees

And the last but not the least! Our card processing fees are 2.95% (excl.VAT) and for EFT customers it is only 1.71%(excl.VAT) *See our Costs page for more details.

The Sign Up process is straightforward and simple:

  • No Merchant account is required
  • No upload of ID verification documents necessary (Automated KYC check)
  • No Payment gateway integration required